Design Engineering

Design Engineering

QR Steelworks is proud to have a specialised and functional Design Engineering division.

Our vision is to define the work and/or problem in collaboration with our client, and together we will do proper background research to address or rectify the issues efficiently.

Furthermore we will specify all the relevant requirements after brainstorming with the client and all the Design Team within QR Steelworks in order to be able to choose the best solution.

QR Steelworks will then do all development work whilst liaising with the client as the process progresses to the final acceptance and approval by the client prior to fabrication, installation and commissioning.

 QR steelworks Design Team will then be involved in the fabrication and/or construction of the specific project from beginning till the end.

Pre-assembling and Quality Control on the project will be done and should anything need to be redesigned and altered to satisfy the client, it will be done in collaboration with the client until the project can be handed over to a very satisfied and valuable customer.